● Responsibility

This Diabetes Meet 2022 Conference invites all the Academic Scientists, Leading Endocrinologists, Surgeons, Primary Health care specialists,This Diabetes Meet 2022 Conference

● Requesting An Invitation Letter

For the security reasons, the invitation letters are delivered to the individual participants, who had registered for the current conference.

● Visa Information

- We request all the attendees/ participants to apply for a visa immediately as it comes under our security measures.
- CHOLERIC CONFERENCES PVT LTD will never contact straightaway consulates and embassies on behalf of visa application. All the delegates/ participants must prosecute for business visas only.

● Important Note For Failed Visa Applications

The issues faced for visa confirmation, if failed does not come under the consideration of cancellation policy of choleric conferences Pvt Ltd, be it the inability to confirm a visa.

● Insurance

● We do not promise any kind of insurance policy in the given registration fees.

● Transportation

-NOTICE – All attendees/ participants and invites are responsible for their own transport.
The organization has no give on parking and transport slots.

● Cancellation Policy

● Cancellation of the Diabetes Meet due to any specific reason promises you 100% refund of the registration fees given.

● In advance, you can also re-credit your fees paid for another upcoming conference of the organization which takes place within a year after the current date of cancellation

● Overall cancellation or any changes made in events or registration will be notified via finance@cholericonferences.com

● The mentioned cancellation policy was previously updated on January 18, 2021.

● Refund Policy

- If the registrant or applicant is not able to show their existence in a registered event, they can transfer their position to the other person or if they are not able to do so, here are some of the terms applied.

● Keeping watch in the advance payments towards the venue, printing, shipping, Hotels, and other residences. Then, the refund policy is as following slabs. Also, the overall bank amount will be credited to the applicant's account.

● As mentioned earlier, at any case of failed visa approval, the registration charges will be transferred to the next conference or if not, the amount will be provided after the deduction of administrative charges.

- Here are some key points to be considered in refund policy -

● Before 60 days - full refund (100%) (service fee deduction - $100)

● Within 60-30 days (before the event is held) - 50% refund applicable.

● Before 30 days - no refund applicable.

● E-Posters payments are not eligible for refund.

● Discounted registration amounts are not refundable.

IMPORTANT NOTE - The refunds will be proceeded after the couple of weeks of the conference completion.

● Postponement

- As discussed earlier, in case if the organization i.e., Choleric conferences pvt ltd postpones any event due to some issues faced than the dates will be rescheduled and if you are unwilling or unable to attend the event in rescheduled time, your registration amount will be refunded with a 100% or else you may also transfer the amount to another/ upcoming event of the organization which may takes place after a year of postponed schedule.

● Transfer of Registration

● In case, the applicant or registrant is not able to attend the conference/ meeting, the paid registration is easily transferable to the other person of the similar organization as you in a comfortable manner. Transfer of registration must be done in a written form to finance@cholericgroup.com with all the required details of the transferred participant like full name, speech title and brief detail about the person, phone number and email ID. The mentioned registration information about the transferred person will be assigned only after confirmation of specific details.
● At any point, if a registrant is not able to attend the conference, he/she can transfer the registration from current event to Another conference event of choleric conferences pvt ltd.
● In addition to the previously mentioned point, the transfer of registration is not acceptable if done within 15 days of the current conference.
● Refund policy is not eligible for the transferred registrations of any event.

● Accommodation Cancellation Policy

● The accommodation facility providers have particularly their rules and regulations regarding cancellation, the cancellation policy is applied separately in less than 30 prior days of arrival. If you have any issues regarding accommodation and are willing to cancel the booking you may contact us immediately.
● The cancellation policy or amending your accommodation is not refundable. Make sure you are aware of it. The organization advises you and the accommodation provider to know the rules in a prior manner beforehand

● Press/ Media

● The permission for press and media must be taken from the choleric conference’s organization committee related to the event. The press must be aware of the approval taken for the organization committee and will not disorder or interrupt any of our participants unless they permit for the approval of writings.
● The Choleric conferences Pvt Ltd is an objective third-party non-profit organization. This conference is not associated with any commercial meeting company. The conference event is not correlated or analogous to any commercial brand.

● Authorization Policy

● As per the terms and conditions applied in the registration form, you are granting permission to choleric conferences Pvt Ltd broadcasting your identity in their publications without demand of any compensation, the identity included - name, image, voice, comments to publish, reproduce your work, exhibit, distribute, edit, digitization, and advertising materials
● Make a note that photographs and video-recording is strictly prohibited in the entire session.
● You may contact us for further queries.

We conduct the conferences to spread the knowledge and gain knowledge from different researchers, Students, Academician, professors, scientific communities in developing countries who were committed to their profession

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