● Your abstract submission should be in English.
● Abstract must be typed single-space using at least 10 point size font and must fit inside the designated space and should not exceed 275 words.
● Authors should be listed by initials and surname. Not more than 5 authors are to be included.
● Name of the presenting author should be in bold.
● Abstract must be submitted online https://www.diabetesmeet.com/Submit_Abstract or mail to info@diabetesmeet.com.
● Please refer the abstract template and follow the format carefully. If the abstract template is not followed as is, you will be asked for revisions.
● Submit the abstract in any of the category (Oral or Poster) through selected topic (scientific sessions).
● Tables and graphs can be included and will be considered as 600 characters each Photographs / Images / Other figure will not be accepted.
● Do not include title, names and institutions name in the body of the abstract.
● Please proof read the abstract carefully for accuracy and spelling errors. The spelling of names, the order of authors and institution name will appear in DOI Journals as submitted.
● Abstract must be submitted by as per the submission dates.
● The presenting author must be a register for the conference.


● Laptops, projectors, microphones, will be available on behalf of the organization.
● We request you to submit your presentation via flash drive or you can also continue with other option of submission of presentation - info@cholericgroup.com
● The presentation must be in PowerPoint slides with visualized content.
● The presentation must contain within 8 to 10 slides, overloading the slides is not allowed, there is a time limit given to the speaker for their presentation.
● We request you to use simple vocabulary and avoid the abbreviations as much as possible. Highly compressed vocabulary is not allowed.
● Make sure your slides contain some pictorial form, it would help you for catching attention from people.
● Make your slides simple and sober with silent colors. Heavy colors might distract the audience.
● Always provide 5 minutes for the question answer session, be available till the end of the overall session. Your presence will be appreciated throughout the session.


● The presenters must set the page onscreen with required width and height is possible.
● The font must be simple and readable.
● Avoid decorating your slides, it would distract the audiences from the main content. Always use a light and dark colour combination for your presentation. consider the presence of people who are color blind.


● The poster session is always a special chance for you which can give you the opportunity to connect with the faculty member. Sharing the ideas and taking suggestions would help you to make your presentation more attractive and innovative. The posters must be printed and carry the printed content with themselves, the organization will provide poster stands on the session. Electronic posters are prohibited for the participants present at the spot. Certificates and awards will be given at the end of the conference.


● E-Poster participants are not really required to join the session in person, the organization will take the responsibility to visualize your poster electronically in the poster session area. You will be awarded with the e-certificate after the conference. In case of any queries by the attenders, the questions will be sent to you via email.


● The participants will receive a digital certificate from the organization signed by the higher officials of the committee members.
● Names and details will be filled according to your details given during registration.
● In case of any changes in the details, you may contact the organization before one month of the conference is held.

We conduct the conferences to spread the knowledge and gain knowledge from different researchers, Students, Academician, professors, scientific communities in developing countries who were committed to their profession

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