Stem Cell treatment in Diabetes

Stem Cell treatment in Diabetes

In islet cell transplants to cure type 1 diabetes by using Stem cells, replacement of stem cells should be more than just an instance of swapping insulin-delivering cells from a healthy pancreas with those annihilated by diabetes during a diabetic patient. it's conceivable to treat Type 1 diabetes by transplanting confined islet cells, containing beta cells or maybe a whole pancreas into the patient from a contributor. Transplants can empower the body to recover control of glucose levels so administrating insulin isn't again required. Pancreatic islets, additionally called islets of Langerhans, are modest groups of cells scattered during the pancreas. Pancreatic islets contain a couple of sorts of cells, including beta cells that make the hormone insulin. Insulin enables cells during the body to retain glucose from the circulation system and utilize it for vitality.

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