Cardiovascular risk in Type 2 Diabetes

Cardiovascular risk in Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic condition that occurs either the body cannot produce enough or produced insulin that the body does not use properly. Comparisons of people without diabetes, people with type 2 diabetes mellitus have a considerably higher risk of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality and are disproportionately affected by cardiovascular disease. Most of this excess risk is associated with an augmented prevalence of well-known risk factors such as hypertension, dyslipidemia, and obesity. However, the improved cardiovascular disease in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients cannot be attributed solely to the higher prevalence of traditional risk factors. CVD risk increased in type 2 diabetes mellitus subjects due to a complex combination of various risk factors. The evolution of atherosclerosis over its long natural history from endothelial function to clinical events. Many of these risk factors could be common history for both diabetes and CVD, reinforcing the postulate that both disorders come independently. The objective of this review is to highlight the weight of traditional and non-traditional risk factors for CVD in the setting of type 2 diabetes mellitus and discuss their position in the pathogenesis of excess CVD mortality and morbidity in these patients.

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